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I started using photography as a creative outlet in 2015. When I moved to a small town in northern Alberta, I knew I needed to find a hobby because there wasn’t the city and nightlife that I was used to. Peace River is a hidden gem in a valley with mountains, water and cool hiking trails. Naturally I turned to nature and this is where my love for photography began. I mean, I’ve always had a love for shooting photos… even though they were mostly selfies lol. But in the mountains, I notice there is always something that makes me go, wow! I started taking nature photos with my cell phone and in December 2017 I decided that I wanted to try my hand at landscape photography. I purchased a Nikon B500 DSLR Superzoom camera; I’m hooked and trying to hone my skills in the field.

Creativity is very important to me, it’s the best and freest form of self-expression. There is nothing more fulfilling than being able to openly express myself through photos without judgement. When we are creative, we’re exploring our inner selves and intuition. The ability to create and be creative with something that comes from my feelings and experiences with nature feels good.

I enjoy shooting landscape and nature photos the most. It forces me to get outside and become one with nature, finding the beauty that surrounds me. I get a rush when I’m in nature and see something truly amazing under the perfect lighting… at that moment it’s a race against time. Even if I don’t shoot anything exciting on my hikes, I’m always better for getting outside in the fresh air. Landscape photography also pushes me to go out and explore places I might not have discovered otherwise. I find this has been good for me physically, mentally and emotionally.

Photography has become very therapeutic for me. Getting outside in nature clears my mind and soothes my worries and anxiety. Whenever I setup in nature for a shoot, I find that my mind is free of worries and distractions; I become completely focused in that moment. My body is freed of tension and anxiety and capturing that once in a lifetime moment is the only thing going through my mind.

I’m hoping to grow into a better photographer and a better person too. I want to explore and expand my views of the world with a better focus and through a different lens. I’m looking forward to this journey and learning new techniques for capturing a specific type of shot.

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